All Life Is About Growth And Learning

learning can bring painful healing

“I know myself now, and everything is all done.” Every single time, I say to myself, I get slapped by the universe with another lesson, that teaches me, Boom, you don’t know anything, so shut up, and sit down, and keep on learning, because life is long, and the learning is forever.

Now, why am I foolish enough every single time to believe that I know anything? The answer is quite simple. I’m a foolish human being. An absolutely foolish human being, who doesn’t know sometimes, or who thinks too much of herself at times.

That’s okay. I’m still a child. I’m still learning. I’m still growing. There’s so much more to go, and the road is arduous and long. But I am grateful. I’m so grateful that I get to live in this world, and live this life. I’m so grateful that I get to be alive. So, so, so grateful to be alive, well, healthy, thinking, and asking all of these interesting questions.

Let’s Not Forget Growth Is Painful

I get people messaging me all the time, asking me why they are going through a particularly hard time right now. Why? they ask me over and over again. But why?

Why do we want an easy life? Why do we want a life without pain or growth?

Growth comes with a bit of pain. Sometimes there’s none. Sometimes there’s lots.

But the fact is that we know that we are growing, and learning, and moving on up in the world, because we are dealing with this pain. We should look at pain with a sort of excitement, because it indicates to us that we are growing. And isn’t that something all of us want? We all want to grow. Don’t we??

I do, and I want to keep on growing forever and forever. No matter how much pain comes with it. I want to grow.

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