I Have Learned To Never Worry About The How


Be a learned one.

There is something at work that’s bigger than us. It’s about having a trust in life and being at peace that things are happening the way they should. You do what you do as well as you can do it, and then you don’t worry or agonize about the outcome. – Sherilyn Fenn

I have been writing a lot about my recent inroads into meditation.

For the past 52 days, I have woken up every morning and meditated for 30 minutes, focusing on my breath. Due to this stable, consistent, strong meditation practice, I have noticed interesting side-effects onto my life.

  • I have started hearing more from intuition and she’s been telling me what path to take.
  • My life has become more synchronized with the universe – I ask for something and I receive it instantaneously.
  • I feel extreme gratitude and joy every moment of every single day as I am living more in the present moment.
  • People and the universe loves me and I receive that love in spades every day!
  • I am so grateful to be alive and I want to hug everyone I see and meet and tell them life is wonderful.

One other thing, I have noticed is that I have stopped (mostly) worrying about the how.

The process is as follows:

  • I know who I am more and more everyday.
  • I learn about myself through meditation and becoming more self-aware.
  • I know what this true self wants from the universe and from this beautiful life – from these few precious moments that I am alive on this precious blue planet.
  • I ask the universe for what I want and then I LET GO.
  • The universe gives me exactly what I want and what I need in order to accomplish my dreams and goals.

Thus, the conclusion is that the universe loves me and is taking care of me. I have no need to worry about anything. I will receive what I want.

Does this mean that I stop working, stop doing, and sit in the corner of my condo waiting?

No way!

The universe rewards those who take action.

I’m constantly working towards my goals in some way or another. Just because I have let go and just because I know that I am going to receive everything I want, doesn’t mean that I become passive.

I’m still doing everything I want to do –

  • I still write blog posts,
  • I still do v-logs,
  • I still contact people who I think would be interested in my services,
  • I still meditate, yoga, and do extreme self-care,
  • I still care about people and take care of their needs,
  • I still love myself, and
  • I still do as much as I can.

In the midst of all of this activity; this gorgeous, wanted activity, I’m receiving signs and tips from the universe on the people to contact and the things to do. The universe is telling me what my next steps should be and I take that next step as I can, resulting in more awesome feedback from the universe.

This feedback loop continues constantly and I learned to keep moving towards my goals.

The universe loves all of us equally – it wants to give us everything we want. We just have to let go of the how. We don’t need to know the how – the universe knows the best way for us to get where we need to get to.

The universe knows the best way for us to get to where we want to get to.

This is an important point. We don’t need to worry about the how. The universe knows. The universe is the expert here. It can connect us with everyone we need to be connected with.

Why would I worry about it when I have such an expert on my side?

I just let the universe do her thing and she gives me everything I need in order to move to my goals.

She’s forever working in the background, while I go about my day. I am eating dinner and she’s working in the background bringing the best way for me to reach my goals to me.

I don’t need to interfere or do anything.

She knows all.

She will take care of the how.

I just need to let go.

Let go.

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