The World Needs More Authentic People


Are you authentic?

As a native INFJ, I can spot a fraud or a fake a mile away. It’s like I have a ‘fake’ sensor in my brain that starts ringing like mad, whenever someone fake comes within a few feet of me. I instantly start cringing on the inside, and feel this extreme desire to get far away from that person as soon as possible.

I have been asked before: Why do I judge fake people so harshly?

In my opinion, there are already a hundred million things on this planet pulling us away from ourselves, and telling us to be someone else. Advertising, Magazines, Media, Movies, Society, Parents, Friends, Strangers – a million different things are pulling us to be someone who we are not.

We already have a lot of this shitty influence to deal with. 

The problem is that we are told if we are not ourselves, we will be loved more.

The truth is that we will be loved in the best authentic way by the best authentic people when we are truly ourselves.

To be honest, for the longest time, I hid parts of myself. Actually, I hid all of myself from everyone I met.

INFJs – we do that. We don’t think anyone is going to understand us. And it isn’t that we are being overdramatic. It is from years of experience.

So we shut down.

We hide who we are.

Unless you prove yourselves to be worthy of our true self.

There are only two people in my life who are like that.

But 2016 seems to be my year for being myself.

I met some people who are truly pushing me to be myself. They get annoyed with me when I’m not being authentic. They are asking me to take a gamble and be myself with everyone, not just the people I trust.

What is the worst that could happen?

They could judge.

But then you never have to see them again.

The important things is that in the process of being authentic to myself all the time, I am learning more about who I really am.

I have been hiding parts of myself for so long that I had forgotten who I am!!

That really sucks.

Because the world really truly needs more authentic people.

Authentic people are the ones who make everyone come alive. They give permission for others to be themselves. They cause the fake people to slip away or come clean about themselves.

You see, you cannot be fake for long when you are around a truly authentic person. It just feels so wrong!

My only wish is to be around as many authentic people as possible, and be as authentic as possible in myself.

The world needs it.

When people are truly themselves, then they will change the world. That is how much power there is in being true to yourself.

If you go back in history and look at all the people who changed the world, they did it by being authentic to themselves, despite the naysayers. They didn’t bow down to parental pressure or societal pressure or peer pressure. They did what they did, because that was the only way they could truly be themselves. They couldn’t do anything else, because everything else would feel wrong to them.

So they painted, or they wrote, or they sang, or they danced, or they created companies, or they snowboarded, or they rode bicycles, or whatever it might be. And they did that everyday.

They were true to themselves every single day.

And the world is a better place for it.

So now it’s our turn.

Let’s begin the revolution that is truly ours to start. The revolution that doesn’t require any weapons or threats.

All it requires is the truth of our being.

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