The way the Universe speaks to you

I have long been a believer that the people surrounding you, the items that surround you, the places that you live in, anything and everything that is in your life Continue reading

Missed beauty while driving

I was sitting in my car, cruising along the highway, thanking the universe, that there was no traffic stifling my progress, staring at the back of an unsightly pick-up truck, Continue reading

Creating time through meditation

I was meditating in the morning today – sitting in my car, after a nonchalant, easy drive through Toronto, over to my office. I find that the morning time meditation Continue reading

A month since my birthday

It has been a month since my birthday. I turned 29 on August 24th, in a flurry of activity, friends, music, food, and companionship. There was home-made yummy cake, and Continue reading

This is my happy place

I was standing in a huge field with a friend of ours, Richard, and there were other people all around us, in costumes roaming around, chatting with friends and strangers-soon-to-be-friends, Continue reading

Talking about mindfulness with my chiropractor

I had a session with my chiropractor on Thursday and I had a really interesting conversation with him about mindfulness. There were two things that surprised me about the conversation Continue reading