Being mentally fat

You know one of those days where you haven’t really gained any weight, you might have some extra water on you, because of water retention, but in general, you are Continue reading

Contributing to the World

There is a quote from an article written by my favorite blogger, on Becoming Minimalist which says the following: “As we chose to no longer live as consumers, we had Continue reading

Showing Spending Restraint

I was reading a blog by Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist and he talked about showing SPENDING RESTRAINT. I capitalize those words, because when I read them, that is how Continue reading

The desire for more

At the end of every month (or the beginning), I sit down and look at my finances, to see where I am. Have I made any progress in the past Continue reading

Sickness prevailed

Sorry my lovely friends – I have been out of commission for the past few days. Instead of putting up something of mediocre value, I wanted to wait and write Continue reading